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Marvin Laber

Biography - Marvin Laber

Marvin Laber has been professionally sculpting for 25 years. Over the years, his medium has evolved from metal to wood and bronze. Establishing a reputation nationally and internationally, his pieces are held in private collections and public installations.

Over the past couple of years, Laber has been approached to create custom memorials and realized the emotional impact they hold. As a lifelong sculptor, I have recently redirected my focus to creating hand carved wooden vessels, or urns, memorializing loved ones. Making no distinction as to the definition of loved one, I have created memorials and urns for animals, as well as humans.

I have found wood to be a very warm, expressive and unlimited medium, as opposed to the traditional metal or ceramic urns available. My works are hollowed out for containment of ashes or keepsakes.

My design process allows the client to be an integral part of the concept, creating a piece that reflects the very essence or energy of each being. Truly, works from the heart transforming grief into art and beauty.

The majority of Laberís work has been commissions; however, his bronze sculptures are now available for purchase. As an artist, he is continuously working on new ideas that express warmth, and joy.