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Dan Genord

Biography - Dan Genord

Dan was born in Michigan and has lived most of his life in the Midwest. Surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers he has always been a lover of the outdoors. Since his childhood itís been weekends fishing or hiking to explore. Combine all this with a love for creating art and you have someone doing exactly what he loves to do,,,telling stories with sculpture of the things he has so much passion for. Dan knows what he sculpts because it is his own experiences that he pulls inspiration from. It is the tapping into the soul of an experience and creating a sculptural form that tells the story of that experience or it is the capturing of the spirit of a creatureís moment in time that Dan sets out to do with every sculpture that he creates.

Seeing Bronze as the ultimate sculpture medium, all of Danís pieces are created as limited editions through the lost wax casting method. This process is very intense, involving numerous stages and countless hours to complete just a single sculpture. Dan is very hands on and performs most of the work himself. This insures him the highest quality for the end result being a beautiful and timeless piece of art that will tell a story to those who it inspires. It will be a bronze sculpture to be handed down from generation to generation.