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Barry Thomas

Biography - Barry Thomas

An accomplished artist, Barry Thomas' talents have nurtured a diverse career. Before
demand for his fine art made it impossible, Thomas was an acclaimed illustrator and
commercial artist. Just one year after receiving his fine arts degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Barry was chosen for the Society of
Illustration Hallmark Award. That same year he was honored with an award from The
Society of Illustration of New York City.

In college, Barry pursued many interests. At the University of Arkansas, he joined the
Razorback football team. At six-foot plus, Barry played defensive end for famous coach, Lou Holtz. And even though it meant losing an exceptional player, Coach Holtz helped convince Barry to follow his dream of becoming an artist.
As the audience for his fine art increased, Barry was able to turn his focus to creating his majestic paintings. Sensitive and breathtaking, his work is created using only the colors
of Monet's palette. Like Monet, Barry excludes browns and blacks from all his work. The result is bright, enlightened canvases that reflect only the purest hues and colors.