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Shari Vines

Biography - Shari Vines

Born into a family of rugged outdoorsmen, Shari's early years as a child in the North Woods and boundary water of Minnesota allowed the sacredness of nature and the spirit of wildlife to take residence in her soul. Yet it wasn't until retiring after 33 years in Corporate America that space was created to discover an interest in sculpting and a chance to rekindle the magic animals still held for her.

Shari is primarily self-taught but has endless enthusiasm for growing her skill and creating opportunities to learn from others. To build a foundation, Shari has had classes with two well-known sculptors, Dan Chen and Victor Issa. Dan blends eastern and western art style and technique. Victor Issa makes his figurative pieces come to life. Those who first introduce you to a new area of interest can set the way you think about that subject forever. Both Dan and Victor instilled in Shari the power of being disciplined in your study and passion to strive for mastery.

"Sculpting has created an opportunity for my head to get in rhythm with my heart. I have great passion for discovering the unique spirit within every animal and person. It is pure joy and fulfillment when that gets expressed in a way that creates a meaningful private conversation between the sculpture and the viewer."