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Del Pettigrew

Biography - Del Pettigrew

Award-winning sculptor Del Pettigrew’s art education consists of workshops and studying the masters. From the study of works by Rodin and Bugatti, he learned that surface textures, left unfettered, provide an aesthetic appeal unattainable by laborious and meticulous manipulation. From Rungius he observed the power of expression and its effect on overall mood. He has studied with contemporary sculptors Chapel, Lincoln Fox, Peter Rubino, and Floyd Tennyson Dewitt. Hours spent in the solitude of museums here and abroad have left indelible visions of composition.

Pettigrew’s subject matter often is drawn from life experiences, a bear seen while fly fishing in Wyoming, birds seen along the Platte River in Nebraska. Del and his wife Martha, own and breed racehorses and these, too, offer inspiration for his sculpture subject matter.

About his inspiration and style Pettigrew says, “I still prefer to sculpt from actual experiences. I want my sculptures to convey the excitement I felt when I encountered an animal in the wild, or perhaps a memory from observing a mare and foal in the paddock. I’m not interested in creating a model; rather, I want to express myself artistically in an impressionistic manner.”