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Graydon Foulger

Biography - Graydon Foulger

Graydon Foulger has spent the last 45 years creating a steady stream of masterful takes on a wide ranging array of subject matter from the close to home in the western United States and from the evocative locations in foreign countries. Foulger’s art vibrates with melody, counterpoint, and harmony of color, all expressed in an eye-pleasing textural idiom of his own exquisite invention. Using brush and palette knife, he applies paint thickly, deftly, and like no one else. Coordination hand, eye, and artistic intention in each and every stroke, he builds up a complex and visually stimulating topography in his paintings. “WM”

“The more you paint, the more you learn,” professes Foulger, who derives immeasurable satisfaction from wanting to paint almost everything and having the skill to do it. “I never have a lull. There is no down time.”