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Gary Alsum

Biography - Gary Alsum

Gary Alsum has been quickly recognized for his ability to capture the dynamics of children at play and athletes in motion. “These are my favorite subjects because of the passion for life that they demonstrate,” Gary says. “It is a constant challenge to capture these qualities in bronze and pass that on to the viewer. When developing each new sculpture my primary concern is it’s artistic integrity. I continually strive for work that merits recognition on the basics of its aesthetic quality alone, regardless of subject matter.”

Most of Gary’s recent work has been commissioned and he feels this has resulted in his best work. Working with someone else’s concepts has pushed his creativity beyond its normal limits. “To take an idea I wouldn’t normally pursue and then create a piece I am excited about is particularly satisfying,” he explains.

His inspiration comes from memories of his own childhood and from observing his own children and their friends as they play and interact with each other.